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1971-01 On stage as Festfolk with the 'Salvation Army' singing 'Hej Gamle Man'. The first song with all four members on one podium.

1971-01-07 Recording 'Hey Musikant' and 'Was Die Liebe Sagt' with backing vocals by the girls.
1971-01-08 Work on the backing tracks of 'Hey Musikant' and 'Was Die Liebe Sagt' with backing vocals by the girls.
1971-01-14 Backing tracks for Frida's album 'Frida', among which a new backing track for the B & B composition 'Lycka'.
1971-01-15 Last day of work on Frida's album 'Frida'.
1971-01mid Björn and Agnetha go on holiday to Gambia for two weeks.
1971-01-26 The foursome are present at Stig's birthday party

1971-03-14 The foursome give a concert in Hammarby, Stockholm to mark the opening of the OK Biva-Huset service station.

on stage during an unkown performance from 1971?

1971-04-23 Recording 'Det kan Ingen Doktor Hjälpa' and 'På Bröllop' with backing vocals by the girls, so again two pure ABBA recordings.
1971-04-30 Björn, Benny and Agnetha go on Folkpark tour. The gigs, performing about 12 songs, took place at the end of the week and lasted about 30 minutes. Also today, recordings for Agnetha's 4th album, produced by Björn start.

1971-05-13 Recording 'Jag Vill Att Du Ska Bli Lycklig', 'Kungens Vaktparad', 'Han Lämnar Mig För Att Komma Till Dig' and 'Mitt Sommarland' for Agnetha's 4th album 'När En Vacker Tanke Blir En Sang', produced by Björn. With the last three tracks Agnetha had help from Björn with the lyrics.
1971-05-25 Recording 'Välkommen Till Världen' and 'Ra-Ta-T'a' for Lill-Babs with contributions of all future ABBA members.
1971-05-30 Björn and the Hootenanny Singers perform on the SVT tv-show 'Länspumpen' with 'Aldrig Mer'

1971-06-15 Björn, Benny and Agnetha appear on Swedish tv-programme 'Midsommardans Fran Solliden. On the same day, Björn and Benny appear on 'Gammeldans från Bollnästorget'. Filming took place take at the Bollnäs Square in Skansen Stockholm

Benny with Lotta

1975-06-25 Frida and Lars Berghagen appear on tv-show 'Den stora utflykten eller Vem har snott midsommarkransen?' doing two duets "Vi vet allt men nästan inget" and "En kväll om sommaren".

1971-06-27 Benny, Björn and Agnetha's announcement on a folkpark gig.

1971-07early End of the first leg of Björn, Agnetha and Benny's folkpark tour.

The two couples at popgroup Sven-Ingvars 15 years jubilee party

1971-07-06 Björn and Agnetha are getting married in Verum today.

1971-07-07 Frida performs with the Lasse Berghagen at a folkparksshow in Piteå.

1971-07-12 Backing tracks of 'En Gång År Ingen Gång' and 'Min Egen Stad' for Frida, with contributions of all four future ABBA members.
1971-07-14 Recording tracks for Agnetha's 4th album, produced by Björn. Today's tracks have Benny on piano.
1971-07-15 Recording among others 'Svea Svea', 'Tänk Om Jorden Vore Ung' (both with all 4 future ABBA members) and the B & B duo track 'Träskofolket'.
1971-07-23 String and horn overdubs for 'En Gång Är Ingen Gång' and 'Min Egen Stad' for Frida's album, produced by Benny.
1971-07-22 Björn and Benny Svenne and Lotta perform in Piteå.

1971-07-26 Recording tracks for the 'Hootenanny Singers', and the B & B produced album called 'Våra Vackraste Visor'.
1971-08-02 String overdubs for the pre-ABBA track 'Tänk Om Jorgen Vore Ung' and the B & B duo track 'Träskofolket'.
1971-08-10 Work on the 'Våra Vackraste Visor' album.
1971-08-28 The last two concerts given by Björn, Benny and Agnetha in Eskilstuna and Köping.

1971-09-01 Recording 'Da Tänker Jag På Dej Susanna', an unreleased B & B track.
1971-09-11 Recording 'Jag Jommer', 'Glöm Dej Själv', 'Tom Tom Kare Vän' and 'Du Har En Vän' for Lena Andersson's album with contributions of all four future ABBA members
1971-09-12 Recording 'Tänk Om Man Bara Kunde Svara På Frågor' and 'Varnattsmelodi' for Lena Andersson's album with 'ABBA' backing vocals.
1971-09-29 Recording 'Världen Somnar In' and 'Skapelsens Hemlighet' for Lena Andersson with Agnetha and Frida on backing vocals.

1971-10-20 Recording tracks for Agnetha's 4th album such as the track 'Dröm Är Dröm Och Såga Såga. Backing vocals by Benny and Frida.
1971-10-27 Recordings for the B & B produced 'Ted Gardestad' album 'Undringar'. Backing vocals by Agnetha and Frida.
1971-10  Björn and Benny are filmed to talk about their work as producers. They were working with Ted Gardestad at the time.

1971-11-04 Recording 'Tågen Kan Gå Igen', 'Sången Foder Dig Tillbaka', 'Dröm Är Dröm Och Såga Såga' and 'Kanske Var Min Kind Lite Het' for Agnetha's 4th album. Backing vocals by Benny and Frida.
1971-11? Frida on an unknown tv-show.


1971-12-21  Frida and Benny attend the Swedish premiere of 'Diamonds Are Forever' in Stockholm.